TY Queston for the Media experts

Recently I have been buying Unbranded TY Media in both + and -R from a certain local Store. The media is legit with the regular TY TYG03, B/N GH000076 and YUDEN000 T02, B/N TG001159. My concern is that this media is displaying a very high amount of PIF for TY Media, I have other batches of TY that burns normal TYG03 <500 PIF and YUDEN000 T02 that burns <150 PIF so I do not believe any of my burners are at fault. Just wondering if this could be a storage issue from where I buy it or did the stamper get messed up and and I was the lucky guy that got both + and -R versions of a bad stamper. I also buy loads of TYG02 there but have never had the issue with G02. The store I deal with listen pretty well and if it’s a storage issue I am sure they will want to track it down. Any thoughts would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

TYG03/1640 scans

Those look like fairly typical Benq scans to me. You can’t expect every batch to be a perfect match for your burner. AFAIK, any retail store selling TY will be getting it 3rd-hand, so it’s anyone’s guess what you’re getting.

@rdgrimes. Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t complaining about the burns, just wondering if this is a stamper or a storage issue, To me>4000-6000 PIF is unusualy high for TY media. Tried burning this on my Plextor, Lite On and Nec with the same results. Just my inquiring mind working overtime.:wink:

Total error counts are relatively meaningless. They should be used for comparison purposes, not as a measure of burn quality.

If my ty got scans like that i would be very pissed off.
when you pay the premium for ty media you dont expect to get media that scans worse than cmc.

^ obviously didn’t read the post above.

Oh, I’m sorry, I got this confused with the person above thread.

Be aware that every burner returns a different set of values for PI/PIF. Therefore any particular scan is only relevant when compared to other scans done on that particular drive. Results can sometimes be correlated to other drives of the same model, but again, they’re all unique :wink: Comparing scans done on different models in the same brand is practically meaningless. Comparing scans done on different brand writers is like comparing chalk and cheese.

My benq scans things & gives me results around 5 times higher (both PI & PIF) than my litey812@832.

The PIF looks especially bad when scanned on the benq, as I occasionally receive a PIF upto 23 … which correlates to a likely PIF of 3 on the litey.

The liteons scan 8ECC/1ECC, whereas the benq scans at 8ECC/8ECC, and then the benq doesn’t scan 100% at the same speed as the litey. If you want to get real kinky, look at the nec drives. They scan at 5x … (wtf?).

well - like Chilledoutuk i would be in a rage with your results - if those media u mentiones were sold as ty genuine you should try to scan them in a lite-on burner with kprobe - then u can get rough - comparable results.

as i am a half - newby to probing i wonder what are the real criteria to mesure the quality of media - to my experience the po/pif max as well as avg was the more important numba - but hey … what do i know.

cheers - ahab666

Thanks all for the replies.:slight_smile: This is a KProbe of scan#2 in post #1. Still ugly.

That kProbe isn’t that bad for TYG03. How’s the transfer rate scan look?


Stop complaining.
That’s a great scan, while not fantastic compared to some TY scans, it is well under the PI/PIF 280/4 limits, for the liteons.

The BENQ drive has limits 280/32, the liteon 280/4. The above scan (LITEON) corresponds with the scans in the first post (BENQ).

I agree that I would also be pissed off with those high numbers for PIF so I can well see your point. Even if they only theoretically relate to playability, they do reflect the quality of the burn as I see it.

Maybe a lame question, but do you burn these at 16X or 12X? I only use 8X TY but I have always read here that most people consider TYG03 really to be 12X media.

If I had the results you are getting I would drop my burn speed to 8X. At least on my LG, slowing the burn speed worked like a charm for reducing the PIF count on TYG02 to zero (see scan in sig).

And, in advance, I know all this is really not necessary, but part of burning for many of us is personal and I always feel better with the lowest possible count.

The only thing I see in these scans is maybe a burner that’s not optimized for G03. The scans themselves are fine. WAY to much is being made of total error counts, which in fact mean very little.

hey crossg, 75% of my t02 batch sucks. they’re 1158 and 1159’s, look at the bottom of the discs and tell me if you see any dye errors or what looks like speckles on the outer layer. thats how almost all of them are on mine.

I contacted fuji about this and they basically told me that if i want replacements, i’ll have to pay for them.

@debro. Actually I wasn’t complaining (see post #3,) just asking what the experts think this is, Storage or Stamper issue? This is a TYG03burn at 16x with the same burner just a different batch number and it obviously burns fine although jitter is a little high.:slight_smile:
@chas. The TYT02 was @12x and TYG03 @16x, Yes of course I realize I will get better results at slower speed but was just doing some testing and became confused as to what would cause the higher than usual amounts of PIF. Thx. :wink:

Dear god! Do we have to choose between the two!
I would say either or both :wink:

Hopefully the former rather than the latter. It’d totally suck if it was the latter, as it would show a gross decline in TY’s standards.

I’d much prefer to suspect a lazy guy, with a weeks stubble, a John Deer cap, a beer gut larger than oprah winfreys ego & a cigarette hanging from his fat lips, ripping the lid off a container of TY’s with a jimmy-bar & leaving them to roast in the sun for several hours.

Hehe, I think your theory is probably quite close to the truth and these discs were subjected to some serious heat somewhere between the munufacturer and the retailer. Just guessing though.:slight_smile: