TY Question



Why are the prices for the TY DVD+R much higher than the _R.

Is there an advantage in one vs the other?


No advantage and it depends where you shop and what you go for. For example on SVP the 16x +Rs are £5 mre then the same in -R format, but in 8x the +Rs are cheaper.


Just buy what your burner seems to like :slight_smile: - as Jay said, it depends where you shop etc :slight_smile:


the +R never seem to go on sale either (at least not as good of a sale as we see on the -Rs from time to time)

That’s just the way its been at least since I’ve started tracking media deals.

for those of us that prefer +R media it sucks!

if you can find sony 8x DVD+R that are made in japan at your local stores these will be YUDEN000 T02, but these days 8x is nearly impossible to find. my stores still have a good amount, but your luck may vary.


I think my last batch of YUDEN00T02 (+R 8X) ran about $0.32 ea., a little more than the $0.26-0.27 ea. for the T03’s (-R 4X). Both had free shipping and it was about 6 weeks ago for the +Rs.
I often buy my media and dvd cases at:


Some folks don’t like these retailers, but I’ve never had a problem. To be fair, they’re not up to the standards of a retailer like newegg.


Yo maineman-

The T03’s are +R 16x-

Personally - I have much better results with the +R 8x T02’s - and get all my media from www.rima.com -eh!



Yeah, the T02s (8x +R) are possibly the best TYs, IMO :slight_smile:


Thanks for the correction bigmike, I don’t know why the hell I posted 4X…I’m hoping it’s just sleep and caffeine deficiencies, but my wife tends toward organic brain syndrome and just plain age-related dementia… :eek:

And I agree with you and Arachne, the +Rs are better overall (I’ll keep an eye on Rima…so far they’ve been a little more $, but maybe I’m not catching the sales.

Anyway, appreciate you catching my mistake.

OT here, sorry, but I just ordered my first Benq (1655 - $36.99 and free shipping) and I’ve heard they prefer +R ? Also any recommendations as to best overall firmware (I’ll be doing DL bkups as well.