TY Ques

Just recieved the new DVDs and am very happy theyre taiyo yuden.
What would last longer an external hard drive or DVD’s?

Also when taking them out the back and plating them on a spindal i did NOT touch the backs but u know when u touch the outside edges of the cd with hot hands it leaves that temporary mist and gradually goes, well would the affect the other dvds on the spindal i couldnt be wait for the mist to go so i just put them all on?

is this ok?

Also is writing 8x media at 4x ok?
It wont shorten its life no??

I would edit this post but i dont know what to click.
Anyway isit right for a ritek DVD to load in a Pioneer 107D drive for 22 secs.
Verbatim takes 16 secs for pc to recognise the dvd.
TY takes 17 secs.

It could take that long if you have a PC that is running alot of tasks in the background (or has low specs). Anyways, a quality DVDR disc will almost certainly outlast an HD. HDs as of late have been failing at a horrific rate.

It doesn’t sound like you want to go this hardcore, but you could always set up a RAID mirroring setup and replace the hard drives as they fail.