TY Quality Variance

I ran out of Taiyo Yuden’s and ordered a few hundred from SupermediaStore. I amost never get quality scans like before. I’m consistently getting 500-600 Pif totals and high spikes of 7-10. I opened two difference packages and the same thing out of both. The last package I had before I ran out gave me 50-200 PIF totals on every burn. In fact, a bad burn out of that last pack was similar to what my good burns now look like. This sux. This is now what a typical TY burn looks like for me:

Thats a darn good burn and scan. I would be very happy with those results on a consistant basis.:clap:

The pif’s were pretty well spread out on this one. I sometimes get a clump of almost a hundred pif’s in one spike now though. Before I would get that many pif’s in the entire dvd sometimes. Next time I burn a dvd I’ll post it if it looks like what I’m talking about.

Well, I agree that this seems a weaker burn for TYG02 — most typically I get PIF less than 200.

If I could get burns like that with all my media at 8x burning speed with all my drives, I’d gladly accept! :wink:

Me too, that’s very nice :slight_smile:

Well I suppose based on [B]maxxjulie’s[/B] previous TY experiences, the current ones they are using are worse so they are disappointed, depends on your past experiences/expectations.

Seems quite average result for the TYG02 posted on this forum (though that maybe a biased sample :wink: )

As has been suggested before, do a quality scan at 16x – if the PIFs go deep into the red at about 3.5gb into the disc, then you really do have a compromised batch.

I was worried that perhaps my benq burner was starting to crap out so I tried a few burns with my Pioneer 111d and got similar results. it’s the media and not my burner. here’s another burn I just did with my benq:

Oh the horror! :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

Your scans look fine, and certainly within the variable that can be seen in TY.

I would trade batches with you anytime!
See: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=212889

It’s nice to see it’s not just me (or my burners).
I’ve been getting similar scans with my latest
batch of Yuden000 T02’s, averaging QS’s of 95,
down from consistant 97’s and 98’s with the
last batch.
As posted above, these are still well within specs,
and play perfectly, just not as pretty as previously. :slight_smile:

here’s another burn i just scanned. I got a spike of friggin 12! I’ve never gotten that high a spike on premium TY before. i’ve tried clearing solid burn and even turning it off and it doesn’t help. should I worry about that small but think spike around the 3.5 gb mark?

last scan I’ll post. I burned one more just to break the trend I was seeing in these scans. Each one had more pif’s that the previous one. Finally, one with less than 500 pifs. In two years of buying TY premium from supermediastore I’ve never gotten a subpar batch like this before.

Single spikes are insignificant and nothing to worry about.
The thicker but lower spike at the 3.5 GB mark is not, IMO
anything to worry about either. Even though it’s ugly it
should not cause any problems.
A Transfer Rate read test will tell you for sure, but I wouldn’t
worry about it.

At the risk of repeating myself, those results are perfectly fine and better than 95% of the media that people buy. You have been spoiled by excellent results with previous batches of this media, but there’s no practical difference between a theoretically perfect scan with zero PIE/PIF and the scans you’re showing us here.


as others are saying, those scans still look great! my piece of advice: stop “measurebating” and enjoy whatever is on the disc LOL. if i were you, i would rather invest my time in storing those fine discs in a safe place, ie. in a controlled environment with no direct sunlight, consistent humidity, cool temps, etc. etc.


@maxxjulie: It would be interesting if you ran a couple of those discs through a 16x scan to see what they look like . . . .

No disrespect intended, but what would be
the point, since 8x is the standard?

Some problems are only shown at higher scanning speeds, or in other scanning drives, or in Read Transfer Tests, or in picky DVD players, or…