TY Quality - Concern!

I’ve noticed in the last few months that TY discs are dropping in price. TY discs for me are brilliant and I have always been happy to pay upto 2x the price for the quality they offer.

However, lately I can now buy genuine TY’s at only 20% more than say MCC discs and 30-40% more than Ritek. The quality seems as good as ever, but how long do you think it’ll be before TY drop their quality due to putting discs out at lower costs.

Look at Verbatim, they have always been MCC and have been known for their good quality. However, they now use Ritek and CMC too in order to sell more discs!

Whats your views?

Comparing apples and oranges there my friend. Verbatim is a label and they do not make their own media (even though they do seem to be joined at the hip with Mitsubishi Chemicals). Verbatim did outsource to CMC (not the CMC made MCC) for a short period of time a couple of years back and they recieved all sorts of complaints about them. I agree that as the price gets cheaper and cheaper, you wonder how much quality has to be sacrificed to get them that cheap. However, I look at TYs CD-R media. The price has slowly but surely been going down on them for the last several years. The unbranded 52x CD-R media can be had for about 28 cents per disc shipped now. I see the same thing happening with the premium TY over the course of the next couple of years. There is probably a small sacrifice in quality but not a major one. As the technology for manufacturing gets developed more and more, they can still maintain a high quality standard and keep costs relatively low.

FYI, Verbatim is actually a subsidiary of MKM (or formerly Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.), and MKM markets the Verbatim brand in both Americas and Europe and only uses the Mitsubishi Chemical brand in Japan and some other Asian countries. Verbatim used to have DataLife and DataLifePlus labels to distinguish whether MCC media were used, but this distinction was dropped at least in the US market a few years ago. MKM (or MCC) has already moved its major manufacturing of DVD media to Taiwan’s CMC and Prodisc facilities and even to MBI in India, the only manufacturing done in MKM’s Singapore factory is for DVD-/+R DL media.

There were reports that TY may be moving part of their manufacturing to China in the long-run, but I didn’t pay much attention to them before.

The main reason for dropping TY prices, apart from competition, is that they have moved more of their production lines from CD to DVD, and they have recovered the costs of tooling up in the first place. I see little purpose in predicting the future, and no reason to think that TY will not be the best choice regardless of where or how they are made.

Verbatims with CMC and RITEK MIDS are not turning up in SE Asia at all. Verbatims here are all still MCC coded or TY coded. I’ve got hold of Verbatims with new packaging that just appeared on the market and they are still MCC MID discs.

Not sure about the US, but it does not seem like a world wide thing.

Over here we can get hold of both Mitsubishi and Verbatim discs. The Mitsubishi ones are slightly more expensive for some reason.

I have to agree though, I have no idea how TY maintains its quality. It’s quite amazing.

Aslong as they keep it up …

Like to add that verbatims X4 DVD-RW discs are also made in singapore.

They must be from the old stock since the latest Verbatim 4X and 6X DVD-RW media are made in Taiwan. See the following link for more info:


I see, thanks for the link.