TY printable vs unbranded quality

Unbranded TY discs tend to ‘stick’ together and are are sensitive to fingerprints. Are the printable versions () same quality or is there a decline ? Or is best to use a branded TY ?

Chic - Le Freak

I always use unbranded printable TYG02 with great results in both BenQ 1620 and LG 4163/5163.

Most of the problems related to TY seem to come from the branded versions so I avoid them. The only TY I have seen that stick together are the Value TY and this is because of the tape wrapped around them in packing. It goes away after time.

If you want to see a real horror story in fingerprint problems look at Optodisc RW. Every speck of dust shows up as well as any fingerprint. After this, the TY look pretty good.