TY Premium media

I’ve never bought TY media before as I’ve always used Verbatim but I’m finally going to purchase some Taiyo Yuden media after hearing so many good things about them…I heard that the ‘Premium’ line is the best and not to buy the ‘Value’ line or any other line that doesn’t have ‘Premium’ listed in the title…is this true?..I can’t find any DVD+R ‘Premium’ Taiyo Yuden media but I did find some without the ‘Premium’ tag on them…is it worth buying?

does the same apply to Verbatim DataLifePlus media versus the standard Verbatim media?..thanks for any help

A silly question perhaps…but you have looked on www.rima.com? I’m fairly sure they sell Premium Line (a US member might want to confirm or deny this to be sure). :slight_smile:

As for Verbies. I find the “regular” variety found on any store shelf does the trick wonderfully for me.

TY does not make “premium” or “value” media. These are designations given by marketers and online sellers to the media. “Value” media is factory seconds and rejects that TY has dumped to 3rd party distributors.

In the USA, buy your TY from reputable sellers like Rima.com and you will get the good stuff. If you find TY somewhere else at a significantly reduced price, it’s probably the value stuff.

all these retailers (even rima.com and supermediastore.com) seem to show a ‘Value’ line, a ‘Premium’ line and one with no special designation on them…my main question is are the TY media with no special designation on them high quality media?..if the Value line in not good and the Premium line is excellent then how are the ones with no designation on them?

for example…here is a TY DVD+R with no special designation

and here is one with the ‘Premium’ name

Rima.com does not sell value-line TY media.

[QUOTE=CDan;2306961]Rima.com does not sell value-line TY media.[/QUOTE]

so you’re saying that the TY media with no special designation on them (like what I linked in my previous post) is the same quality as the Premium grade TY media?