Ty Plus Or Minus?

I am about to purchase some more ty dvd from Svp, just one question, the last ones I bought were x8 minus which are great, is there any point in trying the plus version, is there any diff in the compatibility for burning or playback?

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

-R are usually more compatible with DVD players. +R can be compatible with more players if you burner supports bitsetting/booktyping to DVD-ROM (the same booktype as a pressed DVD).

If the -R’s worked well for you the first time I don’t see any reason to change.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I go for T02 (8x +R) when I can find them.

They burn better than any other TY media I own, plus you can always bitset them if your standalone is a bit picky :slight_smile:

Could explain in a bit more detail, (they burn better?) :confused:

Is DVD+R (preferred by some burners, can do bitsetting)
Wide compatibility (T03 isn’t compatible enough, T01 isn’t so compatible anymore - Liteys hate T03, newer LGs hate T01, for example)
Higher substrate quality compared to TY -R media


PHOTOSHOP_KID, if you’re still using the same burner there’s no reason to switch from TY 8x DVD-R to DVD+R. Almost all drives will burn TY 8x DVD+R really well however.

No they don’t (at least not 5S and 6S series drives) and I’ve got the scans to prove it.

Here’s one:

They do great Transfer Rate Tests, and quality scan with beautiful results. :slight_smile:

Which batch of T03s was it, [B]Drage[/B]?
(Oh, and do the test firmwares work well for you? LV4D for the 16H5S won’t do CMC MAG E01 at all for me, and only do MCC 003 (Prodisc-made) without HT and OHT.)

Beautiful scan, Drage :clap:

I agree, if PHOTOSHOP_KID had no problems with TYG02, then really there’s no reason to switch (unless the +R variety is cheaper ;))

Dragemester, how did you get such a wonderful burn with the T03? That’s one of the few stellar ones like that.

Ph…_Kid, I second the ‘no reason to switch’ if you don’t want to from Tyg02, as the -R are pretty much ‘automatic’ on DVD standalones. The only exception to this would be that older standalones/recorders (I briefly had a pioneer DVR-RT500) say manufactured ~ Oct 2004 won’t even play -R burned from your computer, and the same older ones won’t even read the +R bitset to be read as -ROM. So basically, it is a price issue, as tyg02 OEM from www.rima.com (U.S.) is much cheaper than the TY +R

Plextor branded TH000021. The TH001330 batch doesn’t produce scans like that on the LiteOn drives but the same is true for all my other drives, so the LiteOn likes them as much as the next drive.

Test firmware works well for me, but I don’t have any CMC MAG. E01 nor do I have MCC 003 made by Prodisc (except some that I have already burned).

An excellent batch of T03 combined with a LiteOn SHW-1635S with experimental firmware (YV6M) and HyperTuning/Online-HyperTuning enabled. :slight_smile:

SVP have more -R TY stuff ATM, unless they have had a new order in this week.

I like the ability to do a simulation that -R gives you. I also find (as said by others) that -R can work in more DVD players, also its a good idea to stick with what you know works, I got my fingers burnt a while ago because I felt like a change (not with TY media) and will be sticking with what I know has worked before.

WOW :eek: so much info, thanks guys :bow:

Honestly, I say it depends on the application that you will be using them for. I personally do videogame console backups and so I prefer the -R as they seem to get along a little bit better (as a whole) with a wider range of drives. +Rs seem to scan a bit better but the -Rs are still well supported by most drives and well within acceptable scanning limits.

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