TY or Verbatim for Pioneer 110D?



I have a Pioneer 110D burner and I was wondering which media produces better results: TY or Verbatim?

I read over at www.videohelp.com that owners of the Pionner 110D are having bad luck with the Verbatim’s.


I’d say it probably depends mostly on the quality of the particular batch of media. At least that’s how it is with my Pioneer 111 series drives and other drives.

In any case the difference between TY and Verbatim is going to be far less than the difference between good and less good discs of each brand.


I haven’t owned a 110, but based on what I have experienced with the 109, the 111, and the 112, I would say that TY +R 8X should be a winner. There is a lot of variation in Verbatim media but you might try the +R 16X made by Prodisc. Of the current versions available, it seems to be the most stable. You could also go to the media section and see what the long threads on MCC 004 have to say. There don’t seem to be many 110 users out there but someone should step forward. Make sure you get feedback on [I]current[/I] Verbatim media.


I’d say go with TYG02 for the 110D personally.


If you can get them for close to the same price then I say definitely go with the TY media. I have found Verbatim to be a little less consistant and I am using a Pioneer 111D for my burns.


My 111 writes to Verbatim media very well. Whether it’s 8x or 16x or + or - it burns all pretty well. As long as you write below 16x for 16x media.

Get whichever discs are cheaper when trying to decide between verbs and TY :slight_smile: