TY not working in playstation

i burnt some games for my cousin and used some sony 32x cdrs (taiyo yuden) and despite the fact that they are free of scratches they dont work. they have real low error rates (<300 c1 total). these games work on both my playstations but not this one. I then put in some verbatim metal azo cdrs. they have about 2000 c1 total and a maximum of 9. they worked flawlessly. so whats the deal? shouldnt a cd with lower c1 work better or is there more to it than that? does the reflectivity of the disc make more of a difference or the shape of the pits and lands?

Probably just a picky Playstation unit!

CD-R/RWs using a dark blue dye tend to work better in picky CD readers.

Not all Playstations read the same stuff that others do. It all depends on which version Playstation you have.

(and I don’t mean Playstation or Playstation 2)

AFAIK the later models of Playstation are less picky about media.

it is a later model. it used to work with all cdrs but because it is so thrashed it will only work with metal azo. what exactly does the cd being darker have to do with it?

The darker dyes tend to have a better contrast.