TY not as great as it's supposed to be

Picked up some Fujifilm TY CD-Rs today after hearing high praises about them.

All I can say is I’m disappointed with the burn quality in my Lite On 7S drive:

What gives? I saw better performance from my Memorex CD-Rs (48x max burn\Prodisc):

Am I missing anything here?

are u sure the fujis u got are TY? just asking because the disc manufacturer says “Unknown Manufacturer” on the graph.

Yea I’m sure, Smartburn shows it as TY.
I turned off the hide cdr marker in Alchohol 120% inbetween tests, so thats why prodisc is shown.

Here is another:

I just tried Nero CD Speed:

It never even hits 52x speed, what gives? :frowning:

The Prodiscs look fine:

Try QS0A firmware, it improves the CD-R writing quality.

That is my next step, but even so, why are my results so very different from everyone else that use the QS09 firmware?

Found the Firmware, it’s not any better.

I notice the C1 errors all happen in the same place on each CD. Weird.
Any ideas guys? :\

Every CDR maker produces batches of varrying quality, TY is no exception. Likewise, every drive has it’s own preferences. For starters, I’d suggest lowering your burn speed to 48x or 40x, since the drive is finishing the burn at 40x anyway.
There’s nothing terribly wrong with those scans, although they’re not up to usual TY standards.

I’ve tried different speeds. Anything above 24x produces the same thing.

24x is actually nice, but at that speed, it better be.

Also, I find it hard to believe that a CD-RW made by the same company as everyone else “hates” the same media that every other drive loves.

Bad batch? Maybe, but you can be sure I’m not buying more to find out :\

Originally posted by aggybong
I find it hard to believe that a CD-RW made by the same company as everyone else “hates” the same media that every other drive loves.

Believe it! … I had to come to terms with this recently. My testing on a couple of 50 tub packs of Plextor 48X rated CDR’s can be seen just below this thread. HERE. I too found that they would only burn with relatively very low C1 errors at 24X burning. I was still impressed with TY’s though since I have never burned CDR’s with such low rates.:eek:

I have yet to understand these results which yield such a difference when burning from 24X to 32X plus. Anyone know if TY are doing anything different in the manufacturing process these days when supplying to different companies?? OR maybe we’ll see a match more media f/w upgrade soon. (fingers crossed)

I see you had to drop to 24x to get good burns as well. TY media is not all its cracked up to be :frowning:

Prodisc = Very good
TY = Bleh
Ritek is next to try out.

Error scanning 101:

There are at least 5 variables that affect the outcome of the error scan.

  1. the burning drive

  2. the media burned

  3. the burn speed

  4. the reading drive

  5. the reading speed

  6. Every drive has a “preference” for the media it likes to burn, which can include different batches of the same media.

  7. Every media varies from batch to batch, disc to disc, and even from the start of the disc to the finish.

  8. Every burner has a “preference” for burning speed, regardless of what media is in the drive.

  9. Every drive has a preferance for what kind of media it likes to read.

  10. Every drive has a preference for what speed it likes to read a given media at.

You cannot draw any general conclusions about any particular drive or media type based on a few scans. If you wish to use a particular media, you should try different firmware revisions and burn speeds to “fine tune” your performance if you want the lowest C1 rates.
Drive firmware revisions, wear and tear, variations from one drive to another, overclocking a drive, and a dozen other factors will affect how it behaves with a given media. Even multiple scans of the exact same CDR can produce varrying results in the same drive.
There is no real evidence to support the conclusion that higher C1 rates (within reason) will adversly impact the performance of a CDR. We do know that lesser quality CDR’s with higher C1 rates may tend to degrade over time, but given a good quality CDR that is burned reasonably well initially, there is rarely any degradation seen. TY has earned the reputation for stability over time, even with higher error rates.
The C1 error scans should be viewed as more of a benchmark of the performance of a given disc in a given drive, not as a test of the relative quality of either the drive or the CDR. It’s just another piece of information in the bigger picture.

I don’t get it. I haven’t seen anyone else with a 7S or 6S drive get such bad results with TY media.

The really odd thing is that the C1 errors go up and down in the same exact spots on different TY cds. What would cause that?

haven’t seen anyone else with a 7S or 6S drive get such bad results

I don’t think I would characterize your results as “bad”. They’re just different, and well within acceptable limits.
The rise and fall of C1 is due to the laser power being re-calibrated during the burn, and/or due to the speed being downshifted (same thing-laser re-calibrated). The 7S drive is especially good at this. It’s also a reading thing that I’ve seen with the 7S, if you scan it in another model drive you may not see it.

Well one of the things that really bugs me is that I can’t even get a good speed burn out of it.

By the way, how are Fujifilm\TY for Archives? Or newer Prodisc?

I just found out that any CD I burned a year or more ago is now unreadable, and I would like to avoid that happening again :slight_smile:

TY has earned the reputation for stability over time, even with higher error rates.

I would not use anything else for storage of important stuff.

At least thats a plus, but I would like to burn higher than 24x :frowning:

TY obviously wouldn’t have earned the reputation that it has if quality was a big problem. if u get another batch and get the same results, i would probably guess that this is a drive issue. i only use fujifilm TYs @ 52x.

I’ve only been burning cdrs for 3 years and have yet to have one go bad…they all play…Sony, Fuji, Mitsui, TDK…and even a few lesser names…

I did burn some stuff on some cdrs I got out of a friend of mines office…they were from Office Depot and were only rated at 12x…Who knows how old they were…these didn’t play right the first time…

But all my others…are fine…

I use Plextor reader and burner and Plextools…regular, not even the Pro version…