TY - Need Feedback on Authencity

Finally was able to hunt down the brand in Toronto. Independent vendor who seemed legit. 50 8xR for about 25US.

Nero Speed reads it as a TY brand.

Serial is GG000092 - stamped backwards / reverse or something to that effect.

Other serial is from what I can make as PD519A200236GG.

No other info in packaging that reveals much (ex no mention of made in Japan)

Fingers crossed that they are real.


Looks like TYG02 and the serial makes sense. Price is a little low so I can understand your concern. What kind of case did they come in andcan you scan them?

Thx mate

Spindle without much reference. No mention of country make.

Standard caution statement in a variety of languages starting with Japanese.

New to this whole scene so what’s the process to scan. I have Nero but not full version to do all the testing. I would love to learn more about all those graphs.


thats a typical attribute of TY - serial makes sense too - and you were lucky to get them that cheap :slight_smile:

cheers ahab666

TY usually has a distinctive case style, that’s why I asked. As to scanning, it depends on your burner. What burners do you have?


Above link will show you the case. The clear top overlaps the bottom rather than locking with tabs.

25-ct TY spindles do not use the usual TY case, only 50-ct and some 100-ct OEMs.

Thanks for the added info. He said that he bought the 50s so I left that out.

Using Pioneer dvr 110d.

Yup that that the packaging that I have.


hey tony, where in toronto did you find these?

will only reveal if you don’t grab them all

Filtech on Spadina (479 I believe)

Blankmedia.ca carries Yuden000-T02 for C$25.95 for 50.


haha oh no man, i didn’t mean it like that. I was just curious because the only places I knew of to get it were from blankmedia and also computer ultra.

hey leeroy

know of any other places in the downtown area to pick up good dvd’s like higher end verbatims

computer ultra is decent but way up north


no nowhere close tony sorry, i’ll keep you posted if i find anything.

i heard rumors about sony 8x dvd+r spindles at walmart with yuden t02 codes in them though. you can tell by looking at the spindle if it says made in japan. i read about people on redflagdeals.ca’s forum getting them.