TY & NEC 2500A errors - wrong firmware?


First time poster…

I’ve been burning cd-s for some time, just TDK and Fuji TY and had no problems yet.
A while ago I’ve made the switch to DVD’s and bought a NEC 2500 flashed from WinXP to DL capabilities with 2k5107v2b5dl.exe.

So far I’ve been only using Fuji 8x Made in Japan (…YUDEN000T02.8#T7) and no coaster, been happy so far. Last night I decided to test them using DVDinfoPro for CRC errors and it found lots and lots of errors - later I’ve tried to copy back to the computer backed up data and I got the cyclic ‘something error’… Nero’ ScanDisc reports also errors.

I’d really appreciate if someone might shine a light in here, I’m really dissapointed by my investment in the DVD field so far (pretty much lost a lot of data). Should I buy another burner, use other media? Are there any other firmwares I should use?

Ovidiu O