TY media help

Hi, again!

Maybe the question i asked was veeeeeeeeeery stupid! But, for a beginner like myself it is very important! So i’m asking again about it:

I intent to buy media CD and DVD from Taiyo Yuden, and after everything I heard about labelling, I will not put any label on my discs. Here’s my question:

TY has two options concerning 8x DVD+R:

White Inkjet Hub Printable
Shiny Silver.

On 48x CD-R is more complicate, because they have, I think, six options:

Thermal Lacquer
Silver Thermal Hub Printable
White Thermal Hub Printable (Everest Certified)
Silver Inkjet Printable
White Inkjet Printable
White Inkjet Hub Printable

I’d like to buy the best quality even if they are more expensives. For whom like me, that will not put labels on the discs, but still thinking that one of them must be the best among all the others, it’s an hard task. May anybody, please, tell me which one is the best choice and why?..
Thank you in advance.

If you want to print them with a Canon or Epson inkjet printer, use the inkjet printables.
If you use a Rimage thermal printer, get the thermal printables.
They are not the same!
All of them are the best quality for different usages. :wink:

Dear kg evilboy!

Many thanks for your kind help! In fact, i will not put any labels in my discs. Neither inkjet print, nor thermal print. Simply I thought maybe one of these two you talked about could be better than the “normal” TY media.

It means, as i will not label my discs, I can use, for example, shiny silver as DVD media and silver inkjet printable as CD media. (All this because i heard silver media is better than white one)

It is correct?

Again, thank you very much!

Doesn’t have to be. Shiny silver is cheaper. But if you like a non-shiny surface for your labeling get the white printables instead of the silver thermals or shiny.

Dear kg evilboy!

Ok! Now i know thanks to you! Believe me i’m very grateful for your help!

Inkjet can go all crappy if a drop of water gets onto it. That’s why I don’t love it that much.

Thermal easily gets finger prints on it though so that’s another thing to think about.

Dear cd pirate: Thank you for helping me!

Let me ask you the following, please: If you do not want put any labels in your CDs or DVDs (plus) which media will you buy? (Of course the best ones).

Another question is: Are there CDr Premium Line as exist for DVDs?

All the best for you and thanks in advance.

Well the thermal or silver as many call it may be better for you. I can’t see that degrading although I can see the inkjet printables having possible corosion after many years. In not long blue ray will be out anyways so we will forget about DVDs.

I’d personally go with whatever is cheaper to be honest. I’ve used both and they are both great. I don’t quite understand your question about the premium though. All TY media are premium though so don’t worry :slight_smile:

As for CDRs its the same.


As [B]cd pirate [/B] has so aptly stated - unlabeled Taiyo Yuden from a reputable source like www.rima.com is most likely your very best choice for media - especially CD-R and DVD +R’s - the shiny silver is the least expensive and marked with a Sharpie or similar makes for excellent storage media-eh!

Dear cd pirate,
Thank you very much for your advices. All the best for you!

Dear bigmike7,
Thank you for your informations.