TY Media CD-R and DVD +R Free Ship At Supermediastore



I was looking around for the cheap TY Shiny CD-R after buying two 100 packs of Verbs (MIT-CMC) and the first pack just terrible burn quality.

I returned them and went to Rima first. I have always ordered from them. Did a quick check at Supermediastore.com and they had free ship on the CD-R so that beat the price of Rima.

I also noticed the TY DVD +R had free ship. This may just be standard pricing/shipping but thought I would post it…as shipping seems to always kill a good deal.


TY DVD +R Media


You also might check out JVC media… supposedly also made of TY brand. I remember seeing some good online deals (sorry, don’t remember where) during the last BF/CM events.