Ty media burns best with what current model burner?

I’m upgrading to a new computer and in my current unit I have a Pioneer DVR-108 which using TY white inkjet hub 8X printable (- R discs) have had good luck burning. My eyes are bleeding from all the reading on what recccomendations people have but haven’t found any reviews about a good burner by guys that are using TY media. So I can’t find a new DVR-108 by Pioneer (to old and don’t trust getting a newer model) and need reccomendations from ones that use this media with their burners that can currently be bought. I see ones rec BenQ 1650 but can’t find that model # when searching also on a Liteon 1693. So if someone has a current model and has good luck burning TY DVD-R media - please give me a review. (Natch want to burn CD’s also) Thanks in advance.