TY JCDR-ZZ-SB having problems with top coating rubbing off easily

Did I buy bunk TY media? It was actually labeled JVC and it was purchased from Newegg. But basically the top coating of the CD rubs off extremely easily ruining the disk content.

Did I just get a bad batch or are these just lower grade quality?

Those are intended for thermal printing. Are you having problems with prints rubbing off after thermal printing? As a rule, they are a bad choice for labeling with a marker and they won’t work at all with inkjet printers. Ink just puddles on top of the coating. The surface is intended to be heated to create a durable image. Those do sound a bit more fragile than normal, though. TY has taken to doing some of their print coating and packaging in China. Be shame if this is creating QC issues.

I did not print anything on them and the disks that flake off are usually not written to with any markers. I have written to some but majority are not written to at all.

Thermal lacquer discs, even when printed by direct thermal transfer, are more commonly used in burn it and store it duties where the discs will only receive light handling. They are not generally chosen for situations where the disc will receive more frequent handling unless a thermal retransfer printer is used.

Labeled or white inkjet printable type discs will usually be a better choice for standing up to a bit of wear and tear.