TY in Europe

I just found this website


They sell 100 printable white TY 8X for €55 + €7.5 (approx delivery cost)
They also sell on ebay.
The media look genuine.

Was wondering if anyone has any experiences, esp. how these TY compare to the Fujifilm TY.

Anyone else any suggestions for other cheap TY in Europe?


Thanks, for info!
Wow, that’s cheap and the media looks ok.
Maybe i order some!
I had this media before, for me there is no big difference between them and the
Fuji’s! :wink:

I have ordered them from Ebay (this way my rating improves). Also ordered the case for 208 CD’s. Will let you know how they go.

Received the DVD’s quickly. They are originals and I am pretty happy with my first bun. The DVD’s are completely white and contain no writing.

The burn was done with a Liteon 823S (external), with the standard firmware (i think it’s G now).

The quality seems slightly better than the TY Fuji. Attached is the kprobe scan.

When I finish them I will order again.

What is the serial around the hub? As this seems to be the only way to tell real from fake - wonder how long that will last.

Seems SVP dropped prices on all TY today. 10£ less for 100 TYG03 and 5£ less for 100 TYG02 printable. Still high priced but definately nicer :slight_smile:

The serial around the inner ring is JD16A 300188PG
On the outer ring it says TG 001158

Is this a good sign?

Yes, a very good sign :slight_smile: You have genuine TY discs!


Just though i’d let you all know that the Verbatim “pastel” 8x TY DVD+/-R have been reduced for a limited time :slight_smile:
As you may know … these are supplied in Slim Jewel cases @ £39.99 per 100.