TY Hub Printable

does anyone have an american source for ty hub printable dvd +r media? i’ve managed to find -r, but can’t seem to find +r of that varitey. thanks!

They do not exist.

At least, for the time being.

Maybe later, I hope. Can’t wait for it.

Oh, and if you find some now, they are fake.

I’m not sure if I might have missed any posts about this, but anyway the +R hub printable seems to have surfaced.



The TY 8X +R white hub printable are shown at www.rima.com


I would also look at Verbatim hub printables if you want better print quality. The TY hub printable discs I have don’t print as well, and cost the same or more. The TY may have a slight edge in burn quality but the MCC is close in burn quality, and consistently good.