TY G03 from memoryexpress.com any good?

Im waiting for a shipment of TY 16x from www.ncix.com but they have been sold out for a week now. I saw www.memoryexpress.com has the same discs ( http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?PageTag=&page=file&memx_menu=EmbedProductDetail.php&DisplayProductID=5996&SID= ) and was wondeing why there is such a price difference almost 15 bucks Canadian I think. If anyone has order from either one of these places please let me know how it went.


Hockey night in Canada is back baby!

are they better than tyg02?

cuz you can get tyg02 for $30 at supermediastore that can be burnt at 16x

And you can speedpatch TYG02 to TYG03 for nothing with MCSE.

Depends on the burner! :cop: -

  1. NEC drives don’t do well @16X with TYG02. Bad results most of the time.
  2. PIONEER drives don’t allow 16X overspeeding of this media (max 12X).

I work at Memory Express,
The item in question, yes it is the same discs, we get them in such large quantitiies that we can offer the savings.
WE kick the crap out of NCIX and love it, yes some things we have are more money, but we do price match!!
I have been shoping at Memory Express for 3 years, and loved it enought o get a job there.
www.memoryexpress.com should be your first stop in shopping.

Thank you

Hey even check out our watersheild printable TY discs.
Best printable discs we sell, sharpest image that is non runny

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