TY from supermediastore.com?



SupermediaStore.com offers the Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media 50-pack for $23 via coupon code “taiyos”. That’s $10 off the best price we’ve seen. Shipping starts around $5. Offer ends December 14.

anyone tried this seller, and the product from them? i’m looking forward to getting some new +Rs for my liteon (besides the ridata 4x/red pack from NE). TIA


You can walk into BestBuy right now and get 50 (Fuji 25 x 2) for $18 plus tax.


only fuji +Rs 25pk i saw from BB are these… http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1051384578890&skuId=4798614&type=product

Fuji 25-Pack 2.4x DVD+R Disc Spindle
Model: 25302225

2.4x? are those the ones you’re talking about? TIA.


You have to go in store and find the 8x, they don’t differentiate on price. So you may see 4x and/or 8x on the shelve at the same price.


cool beans. TY RD =p


Is this a sale or normal price?

I don’t normally visit BB for media. However, at that price I’ll check it out tomarrow.



on sale… quantities are limited. at least for jamboree/tustin, ca …i got the last 4 25pks. ^^


Read my thread. You will problably be okay but if the media causes any kind of damage to your writers you will be screwed. they only replace the media.


if the media causes any kind of damage to your writers you will be screwed

Just curious, can you gove any personal examples of media of ANY kind damaging a drive? Any evidence to suggest that TY media would do this?


Went to 2 stores got 4 8x dvd+r’s and 2 8x dvd-r’s… lots of 4x and 8x dvd-rs around but, the +r’s I had to look. UPC is even different between the -'s and +'s but, had no problems.

Thanks for point it out! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ahh crap, I didn’t notice the -'s were made in taiwan and turns out to be
Prodisc cF01’s… oh well under $20 for 50 still isn’t half bad


just got back from Best Buy in NYC…picked up 3 25packs of Fuji 8X DVD+R which are ID’d by Plextools and Nero CD/DVD Speed as YUDEN000 T02 00.

$8.99+tax each!!! gonna go back tomorrow and see how many more 25pack spindles i can carry.

they had 25pack of 4X but were made in Taiwan. same with the DVD-R 4x and 8X spindles


He did post a story about IJP media that had a defective surface, which ‘erupted’ and killed the drive.


Certain older Pioneer drives had a firmware bug that could kill the drive when using the then-new 4X media. Note that the warning states that it is the drives’ firmware’s fault and not the media’s.