TY freaks, overall performance , is it DVD+R or DVD-R?

Found this missing from the main poll since I’ve had such a diffrent experience with the two diffrent formats. For me the + format simply kicks the - formats butt on both of my toasters, Nec 3500 and Lity 1693. Don’t get me wrong, the - format is still good! :wink:

Simple poll, just plus or minus, I do know that diffrent speeds might have diffrent performance but this is an overall poll.

No difference

I voted -r since it’s what i use. Only had a couple of tubs with +r, Fuji T02 and i didn’t see any reason why i shouldn’t continue with -r. Both are good/flawless but i only ever experienced players that didn’t play +r (bit setting or not) never saw a player that didn’t play -r and never had a faulty burn with TYG02 so why would i change…

I voted +R cause it’s what I tend to use most. Only -R Taiyos I’ve had were Panasonic-branded TYG01 - burned nicely on a really picky older Litey, but I just prefer YUDEN000 T02, which burn excellently on both my burners.

My player never factors into my decisions, since it’ll play anything I feed it anyway. :bigsmile:

Ditto :iagree:

To me it’s related only to availability on stores. I use both.

I have an old Matsui dvd player that will only play DVD+R (as long as its bit-setted to -rom), it wont play any dvd-r. Its really really old though.

Either is great from TY. I generally use +r but when it comes to TY it really doesnt matter, -r and +r are just as good as each other.

No difference in general, but there are variations between batches.

You shouldn’t make a poll like this without the obvious third option, so I’m not voting!

Maybe a kindly Mod will slip it in…I’m sure that happened the last time there was a poll like this!

I hereby post the law of simple forum polls, yes, you saw it first here on CDFreaks!

No matter how simple the poll, you will forget one option.

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ROTFL :bigsmile:

I concur with what has been said above. +R or -R doesn’t really matter. It can varry a little by burner and firmware but both are great discs. I personally prefer -R due to the applications that I used them for (ie Videogame consoles) but both are excellent discs. I say go with whatever one you can get a better deal on.

theyre both about the same quality wise, so i wont be voting.

I too think the quality of both types are about the same. The only question is how well your burner/DVD player likes either format, which has more to do with your equipment that the discs. Yup, so I’m another one in the “doesn’t make a difference” camp.

This is another poll which will end with no real result.

Dumb question… but where can I find rebranded -R TY media??? I prefer +R TY bit set to dvd-rom as my older dvd player doesnt recognize -R. I used to get the MIJ fujis and will grab the MIJ Sonys when I run out.
My manager recently got into dvd burning and he prefers -Rs. I normally alert him when the Verbatims go on sale, but it would be nice to point out some rebranded -R TYs.


Panasonic 8x DVD-Rs are TYG02. Best Buy carries them. Also JVC 8x DVD-R 5 pack in jewel cases (VDR47EU5) is TYG02.

My biggest stock is in MIJ Verbatim DVD-R 8x, they’re TYG02. I’ve also read about 8x Fuji and 8x TDK as TYG02.

Unfortunately the Verbatim-branded TYG02 will be unavailable to karelj as he is in the US and Verbatim doesn’t sell any TY media under its name here.