TY for NEC 3520A

im thinking of buying a pack of DVD-R media,

is there a difference between the x8 TY here:
and the x16 TY here:
http://www.ioproducts.com/taiyyud16xdv.html ?
(i mean a difference besides the price, like different media code etc.)

is any of the above 2 considered better? (or better for burning on NEC 3520A?)

should i be afraid that any of the above 2 are fake?

any more info on the subject will be appriciated (i’ve been using TY CD-R’s up until now and was very pleased with their quality. now that i got my NEC, i want to continue by purchasing the TY DVD-R media)

thanks in advance

Didn’t know that 16x TY media was already available! Could be fake, but I don’t know for certain.

well i just got email back from them saying the X8 are TYG02 and the X16 are TYG03

so which should i get for best quality on my NEC 3520 ? (i will use them mostly for data, not movies or other stuff)

Have a look at this topic:


I’ve been using TYG03 for a while, its very very good.