TY End Spike Problem

851@832 VS0A (applied recommended tweaks, increased read speed, nothing else)
YUDEN T01 burnt at 4x w/ DVD Decrypter

I was a bit disappointed with my first TY scan and I would appreciate any help interpretting the big end spike. I could’ve sworn I saw a similar scan somewhere, but it’s hard to search for particular Kprobe scans. I’m kinda hoping someone has experienced similar results and already learned how to fix them.

Thanks all

I’m sure this won’t help ya much but I always had the same problem with a Plextor 708A and a Sony530a. Didn’t matter which media or firmware I used. I didn’t resolve the problem until I went to the NEC, although I do almost as well with an 812@832… Have you tried the VS08 FW?

Here a scan from last night on the 832@4X using CloneDVD2. :cool:

While that spike IS irritating, I’ve just grown used to it. Certain drives dislike certain media. I’ve found a good write strategy for these HP 4x +R’s (CMC F01 00) but even with it I get a spike to about 50. Since the recoverable error level is 280, you’re well within that. The PIF jump to 3 is a little frustrating, but again recoverable (less than 4).

What sucks is that once in a while you’ll hit a disc from the same spindle that multiplies those numbers by 10. :frowning: Or at least I do on occasion.

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There’s nothing wrong with that scan. I wish I could get a scan like that. Did you burn at 4x or 8x?

You should really have no problems with these discs at all. Since the error increase at the end is just minor and doesn´t go much over 50 PI/3 PIF (These values are well within the standards: 280 PI / 4 PIF max) i wouldn´t worry about the discs.

According to my experience, these spikes just come and go as they please. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they aint there anymore with same drive/firmware/soft. I have no idea what causes them.

I know it must seem like nitpicking to those of you who are struggling with really high PI and PIF counts, but the fact that it was burned at 4x all the way through irritates me because if the first 95% can be burned with really low error rates, I would expect the last 5% to behave likewise.

Plus, these discs are supposed to be king sh!t: Taiyo Yuden.

Also, that PIF segment bothers me because the error blocks are darn near constant. Does anyone know how to determine exactly what part of the movie is contained in that penultimate outer ring? That burn was a backup of Kill Bill Vol. 2, which contains at least 20-30 minutes of extra features (presumably burned ‘after’ the main movie) making it difficult to pinpoint and test.

try using the omnipatcher and i believe its the force fallback option that will cure your problem

Doesn’t apply- this was burned at 4x

Well, I seem to have ‘solved’ the problem though I can’t quite figure out how.:slight_smile:

On a whim, I tried burning with Nero and it came out damn near perfect. So I can only conclude that either DVD Decrypter caused the fault, or using SPTI was the problem (vs. using ASPI 4.6 or Nero ASPI). I remember seeing a post by one of the elder statesmen here at CDFreaks that the impact of burning software was negligible, but could the use of the different drivers be to blame? I suppose when I feel ready to flaunt the burning gods and risk another error spike, I’ll try DVD Decrypter using ASPI or another mode besides SPTI.

Thanks anyway guys.

If you manage to figure out what causes those spikes, I’d be more than happy to hear :slight_smile: