TY DVDr in the UK?

Anyone know where to buy them reasonably priced? I know Verbatim pastel are usually TY but I would like to get them somewhat cheaper than that. US folks are getting them easily and cheaply. :frowning:

Try maplins, I got some there in January, haven’t bought any more since. I think bigpockets.co.uk, scan.co.uk, ebuyer.co.uk just may have some verbs. I think shop.cd-wrter.com has some verbs but not sure if they’re pastels.

I have bought several at Richer Sounds in Newcastle. They are Maxell’s but Smartburn tells me they are Taiyo Yuden. My only other Maxell, which looks identical in every way, is a Maxell according to Smartburn. So there you are. But why the hell Taiyo Yuden are so keen to flood the US and ignore Europe is a baffling and irritating mystery.

I’ll have to update this today.
I bought a Maxell at Richer Sounds, expecting it to be a 4x TY as were the others I got there. It wasn’t. Worse - it wasnt even 4x. TWO speed. Same damn price, too. They are trying to fob off people with old stock at top price it would seem.
“CAVEAT EMPTOR” - BUYER BEWARE seems to be Richer Sounds new motto.

Damn shame. I liked that place too… :sad:

FARK! :wink:

BTW someone here linked to some TY’s in the UK at a ‘reasonable’ price (Meaning under £1 a disc) somewhere.

Be nice if you could recall where. :smiley:

Damned if I can find it now :frowning:

whats so good about TY, danm i though they made cudderly bears, stupid me.

By the way - about a fortnight ago i download off the torrent comics list the series of “Deadman” - Its VERY good. :iagree:

verbatim 5DVD pastel. bought some last week = its TY media, fer sure.




Neither are what you’d call “a good deal” value for money-wise, are they ? A HUNDRED and you’re paying a quid each ???
No thanks. Morrisons have a deal on Maxells 4x - quite possibly TY, with proper cases too, originally 5 for a tenner, now buy one get one free. And you dont have to buy a hundred of them unless you want to - ands you’d save !

Who are Morrisons?

Ah. You’ll live in the south, then. I dont think there are many Morrisons in the south. Better than any other for value for money. Morrisons are as common (more so, probably) in the north as say Sainsburys are in the south. You have Waitrose, is that right ? Not seen any more in the north (and no miss either) Anyway - thats the deal, and the Maxells come with proper dvd cases, too. Works out 10 for a tenner with cases, which isnt bad, is it ?

you can get them at svp 5 pack for 3.75 and if you join their byers club they do some limited offers on p&p ie spend 30+ and get 99p shipping :slight_smile: