TY DVD surfaces: silver thermal lacquer vs. shiny silver thermal

What’s the difference between these two surfaces? I’ve searched the forum but the info is conflicting. Seems people make claims without actually having the discs.

I hate my current Taiyo Yudens because it’s almost impossible to tell the top from the bottom. The only difference is if you put it under light, the writable surface is more blue. I want the top surface to be more dull looking (non-transparent) so that it can be written on (like most branded DVDs). I understand there are white surfaces too, but what about the difference between the two mentioned above?

Silver thermal lacquer:

Shiny silver thermal

Or what about “silver injet printable”? Is that more of what I’m looking for? I’m leaning toward that at the moment.

Silver thermal lacquer and Shiny silver thermal are two different names for the same top surface. Your two links are to different media - one being DVD+R and the other DVD-R.

The Silver inkjet printable is probably what you want since it has a matte look.

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Thank you.
That clears up a lot, because the picture of each looked similar. I guess I’ll go for the silver inkjet printable. Too bad they’re more expensive.

I wish the retailers would be more descriptive about surfaces and packaging. Maybe some details about that could be added to a FAQ here. It would be helpful because for some, those issues are significant.

I thought it is extremely easy to tell silver apart from purple to be honest.

My only issue with shiny silvers is the smudging that always seems to happen to them.