Currently, my photo backup solution consists of making periodic backups onto an external hard drive as well as optical media. I am using JVC DVD+R discs with media code YUDEN000-T03-00, which is reputed to be very reliable, and so far I’ve had no problems with it.

However, since I shoot in raw, a single vacation could take up 10 DVDs, and I’d prefer a more compact solution if possible. I’m looking at the Panasonic BD-Rs imported from Japan with code MEI-T02-001, which performed the best in the well-known French study. But does it last as long as a Taiyo Yuden DVD?

(I’m aware that the M-DISC exists, but it’s a bit too expensive for me. I don’t need it to last 1000 years, just long enough to notice if my external drive breaks [though ideally for my entire lifetime].)


“Does it last as long as TY DVD+R?”

In the comparable French accelerated aging tests (consisting of heat + humidity …maybe strong light, as well) a sampling of Panasonic’s BD-R lasted as long as TY’s DVD+R & DVD-R. The DVD study capped results at 1750 hours, and the BD study at 2000 hours; both reached the end of the study with comparatively little degradation, and survived longer than the other “premium” brands/models used.

So technically, yes, a good MEI-T0x will last around the same length of time as a good YUDEN000 T0x in harsh conditions. As for real-life longevity in proper storage, no one knows yet. The discs haven’t had issues yet. If people haven’t had issues yet, you have at least 9 years (much longer if you include 4x and 8x DVD+R) of guarantee on the TY DVD+R versus 5 to 7 years on the MEI BD-R (that’s how long people have been able to pay attention to the media in question, really). I’d bet that if we’d had BD media for as long as we had DVD, the MEI BD-R would be a rough match. :wink: