TY dvd-r printable HQ Full Face 16x - good for long term storage?

TY dvd-r printable HQ Full Face 16x, cakebox 30, are these good for long term storage of data? There’s also the +R option, which I’ve been using for a while, though I’m thinking of trying something new atm. Any opinions?

Since TY was late to market with 16X, many drives have poor write strategy support for them. You might want to check how well your drive works with them after a recording. If the error rates are low, they are probably as good as other good discs on the market. TY makes excellent media.

Yep, I agree with [B]wilhelm[/B]. :iagree:

I have also found that choosing the right burner for TYG03 (16x DVD-R) seems to be more important for optimal results, while choosing the right burner for YUDEN000 T03 (16x DVD+R) is a bit easier. For storing data both are very good choices, but for me the TYG03 doesn’t play well in my pickiest DVD player unless it’s burned with the right burner.

If high-speed burning (i.e. faster than 16x) is important to you, I haven’t found any other media that handles the high-speed burn better than TY 16x media (+ or -).

As an alternative to TY I would suggest Verbatim media, which is widely compatible with burners (and with DVD players).

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