TY DVD-R From Blankmedia.ca



Anyone know if the TY DVD-R from blankmedia.ca are legit and of are good quality?

I’m looking at the 4x Silver Lacquer ones.

I want to buy 100 of these but want to verify that these discs are of high quality and are REAL TY’s.

I’m prepared to order them online and pay by C.O.D because I have no credit card, so you can expect I would be paying alot for these discs upfront.

I dont want to end up buying 100 only to find out they’re fake, I mean if it works well and whatnot

Ii’m looking at these ones specifically: insert site. not working right now.



blankmedia.ca sells authentic TY. Now these could end up being value TY since the 4x premium media really isn’t in production anymore. Value TY isn’t bad though, it just isn’t quite up to the standards of the premium quality media. :wink:


Just found out they dont do C.O.D anymore… damn.


Try shop4tech.com. They have the same discs and last I checked, they did Paypal where you can connect to your bank.


Supermedia and Meritline also carry this media at a decent price. I have purchased from all three (including shop4tech) with very good results. I am also impressed with the CMC EO1 that Staples had on sale for $8 bucks for 50, this turned out to be very good media for you guys that didnt get any.


Check out yur bestbuy/futureshop and see if you can find any fujifilm made in japan.


Ok I just learned about Certapay and I have an account with TD Canada Trust, so I can pay using that method, and purchase from blankmedia.ca


Bought White IJP Ty Dvd+r 8x from Blankmedia.ca They were the real deal
serial # TG001158 … great delivery time & service ( not a plug)



Hopefully if I order today it will come on Tuesday like they say they would choosing expedited delivery service.


The problem is that none of the USA websites ship to CAN, or if they do there is a hefty import duty. So it really is best for him to either order from blankmedia or go with one of the store re-brands. :wink:


I agree , if you don’t live in Canada , makes no sense to order from a ca website .
But PSiBeR lives in Canada ( TO ) , same as I .


blankmedia.ca is even a good vendor for those of us in western Canada. I made an order on Monday (which was a holiday here) and the package arrived Friday. Not bad at all. The TY media I’ve gotten from blankmedia has been of exceptional quality.


If you live in Westeren Canada just buy from NCIX, you can save some shipping.


Ok guys I got just got my 100 DVD-R 4x Taiyo Yuden’s they are silver lacquer and purchased from blankmedia.ca.

Shipping was great the box came stuffed with loads of paper to ensure the safety of the discs. The discs were wrapped in some sort of plastic tape, shrink wrap I guess.

They are the real deal they identified as TYG01, and in the inner hub ring I see “GD000314”, in the inner white ring I see “BA5” not sure what that is though. But as long as “GD” was there I am happy.

Finally found some real TY’s and I am satisfied no more buying Ridata’s. :iagree:

Here are 2 pics of identification