TY DVD+R and surface type



I went to my local best buy and noticed the DVD+R Fuji sells are all Taiwan made, which means no more TY!! I haven’t been able to find those anywhere.

What other company is using TY discs, rebranded?

I think I’m going to ditch the guessing game and buy straight TY discs… So about the surface type (the shiny silver, lacquer, inkjet), among the popular brand media in stores with the branding, speed listings, spot with lines for writing, etc, what are those surfaces considered to be?


Sony 8X DVDRs made in Japan are TY, and they have a beautiful pearl white surface. :slight_smile: They go on sale for $0.30 pretty regularly, so you should check the bargain basement forum every once in a while to see what’s on sale.


sony 16x -R MIJ are also TY, about a month ago I got a bunch on sale at staples for $15/50pk. I’m almost through the first 50 with no costers and good scans all around :slight_smile:


I checked Best Buy. They didn’t match the TY cakeboxes I’m used to.
I’m fed up and I’m going to buy media straight from TY online.

In terms of the branded media, what surface is the closest to that? I’d prefer to stay away from the very shiny surface one top especially with CD-Rs. i found those weren’t durable at all. Most of the CD-Rs from the single spindle that were the shiny silver tops from year ago ended up in the trash because tops were so fragile the discs became ruined in a hurry.
Also I have some matte finish white CD-RWs from years back. The branded Fuji discs could take around of ethanol or iso to rub off permanent marker. The white surface actually dissolved on me!!
So which surface am I looking for?


Did you see MIJ Sony 8X DVD+Rs? Those are YUDEN000T02 regardless of cakebox.