TY DVD-R 4x or TY +R 8x - Which one for my 2500A?



I currently use TY -R 4x and am quite happy with it. I purchased them a while ago because my online store didn´t offer +R media at that time. But now they offer +R media, which are said to be better than -R, but just 8x ones. I´ve read somewhere that the 4x +R were better than the 8x ones. Is this true or is their burn quality as good at 8x as my -R media at 4x (PI about 10 max, PIF about 2 max)? Thanks in advance :iagree:


I´m sure you will be happy with your TY DVD+R´s. :smiley:

And together with the quality of a NEC burner you can´t go wrong.

BTW, I don´t relay that much on KProbe scans. Sure they are nice to look at if you have some sparetime, but in the end playability counts. :cool:



I found that my ND-2500a burned the Tayio Yuden 8x -R’s best-

Yes - I know that +R’s are theoretically better - but that was my experience-

BTW - I got 8x Tayio Yuden -R’s from www.rima.com for $40 for 50 pc cakebox + shipping - which is a kicka$$ price for TY’s

Happy Burnin’