Ty disk?

Trying to find ty disk at rima that are on the recommeded list for plextor 712sa(dvd+r47tya)12x(4x-12x). Rima’s 8x dvd+r disk have code 1733-100. Is this the same disk as dvd+r47tya?

If you go to the Plextor forum you should be able to see scans from different TY media burned on your drive. I am not at all clear what your Plextor recommends as “47tya” is not meaningful, but the TY you refer to at Rima is very high quality and as your drive is 12X there is no point in buying 16X. Get the media you are considering.

I just bought a 100-pack of FujiFilm 8x +R disks for $40 at Best Buy. They’re rebadged TY’s. Great disks, btw. The 8x Fuji’s burn about 10% faster than the verbatim 12x -R I bought last week.

I have a PX712A and have purchased from Rima the TY inkjet printable disks. They are great.

I have also purchased the Fuji and Sony disks, as long as they are made in Japan, and I haven’t had any problems with them either. They were also TY disks.