TY Discs



I have done good burns then because of the good quality score being over 93.
I keep each CD in a plastic jewel case in temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees.
TY Media it is mostly burned at 4x.
If i never use this media howl ong should it last?


It’s impossible to say how long your burns will be readable. If you’re really worried about degradation of your media, then you should scan them from time to time. Scanning them once per year should be enough. No need to scan all of them though, just scan one disc from each spindel. (You can scan them all if you’re REALLY worried - good luck with such a job! :))


no i wont scan all of them lol got too much… Must be at least over 800 now.


Keep your eye on these guys. They should have a difinitive answer for us in a year or two.



link dont seem 2 work??


works fine for me…

best way to ensure data is to burn multiple copies (preferably on two or more different quality MIDs) and store them in different places (under varying but appropriate conditions)…


What do you mean by multiple copies and MID’s sorry lol this is foreign to me!


MID is the manufacturer (eg TY or Ritek).
Multiple copies is as it sounds, more than one copy of the same thing.



thx Chriso…


LOL, no probs!