TY Discs - Ink Drying Problems

I printed on around 5 discs about 30 hours ago, i accidently touched a black part on a disc and i had a big print of black ink on my finger, i then tried touching each disc and none of the black sections were dry …

i thought the dry time was 24 hours ?

i have also noticed poor qauality prints on these TY DVD+R discs … not a touch on the Ritek G05 …

Printer: Epsom R220 - printed on highest quality setting.

aso,… will it effect the drying time if i have them stored in Jewel Cases ?

… it still has holes for the air access to dry though … :confused:

The problem is your Epson, it’s applying way too much ink. Change your print settings. The discs should be dry to touch in a minute or 2.

…then spray some Patricia Nimock’s on to seal them up.