TY CD-Rs for the 3520A

Is the NEC 3520A a good match with Taiyo Yuden Cyanine (Type 1) CD-Rs? I
have found this formulation to be the most compatible with other drives but
I didn’t know how well it works with this particular burner. Anyone out
there with a 3520A using them? TIA


ANYTHING Taiyo Yuden - works great with all current NEC burners-

The TY CD-R media is known for its excellent quality and burns (but only burns at 32x in the 3520 - not the - up to - 48x that TY says it will)-


Thanks for your reply. I’m using the latest edition of Nero burning software, do you know if it would set this 32x limitation automatically, or to I need to enter this limit myself?

Yo MD-

The 32x is actually set by the firmware internal to the drive - and has been this way since the 3500 - nothing you can do about it - save maybe setting it lower - and I do not know of any good reason to do that - except for maybe doing music at 16x or something like that-

Actually - 32x gives great burns - I personally have the TDK with the ritek mid codes and even though the 3500 and 3540 will allow them to burn at 48x - I stick with the 32x and have never experienced a coaster or loss of data on my CD burns-

btw - welcome to the Forums - enjoy and learn-eh!


Many thanks!