TY CD-R Thermal lacquer easy to scratch?

Way back when (like 2000 or so) I bought a 50-pack of verbatim unbranded thermal lacquer CD-Rs. Needless to say they were all coasters in a year because they scratched so easily. So since then I stayed entirely with branded discs, which seem pretty durable (Only TY based). My CD-R stock has finally run dry and I’m looking for TYs and the cheapest is thermal lacquer. I’m not interested in printing, but rather durability. Are these surfaces still very easy to scratch? I’m not too concerned about fingerprints showing up on the top.

I understand top surface durability doesn’t matter with DVD-Rs so I’m going thermal lacquer for sure for those.

Yes top layer is still as sensitive as it was.

DVD-R’s have a polycarbonate top so no problem.

Verbatim “Extra Protection Surface” CD-R made by TY are reasonably
durable. Chinese made CMC Verbatim CD-R seem to use the same top
coating. I prefer the Japanese made TY Verbatims because they give
much better quality scans.

I’ve got some of the thermal silver TY CD-Rs and they scratch very easily.

I’d get some TY ceramic coat. Very tough and good looking.