Ty cd-r at different burn speeds

If anyone really cares, here are some ty cd-r’s burned with the same songs at three speeds 48x (max), 32x and 24x. any feedback would be helpful.

mostly done for my own curiosity. :cool:

Scan speed is limited to no less than 12x

Thanks for the scan rexdaisy.

However they are not the true representative of your stated speeds (48/32/24x). As the drive uses CAV method (Constant Angular Velocity) to write at, for example: 48x, it means that it will start at a lower speed (around 20x) and slowly increase the velocity to a maximum speed of 48X at the end of the disc (full disc = 700MB). If your data is less then a full disc then it will never reach 48x. This is also true for a 16x DVD±R burns that uses CAV method such as in BenQ drives.

Also from what I’ve read, there some reasons, among others, why a full disc scan is most meaningful:

  • physically, on a less quality discs we can expect an uneven spreaded dye and in those spots (the end of the disc) you will notice an increase in error rate.
  • as mentioned above, the highest burn speed will be reached at the end of the disc thus claiming 40x or 48x will only be accomplished on a full disc burn.

On a side note, I noticed that when burning 48x TY CD-Rs, the errors on 48x burn will be less or equal to a 40x write speed. :wink:

I thought about the full-disk issue after the post, and I’ve got some MP3 disks I’m reburning anyway. I’ll post those soon.

Hey zevia, here are some more scans…about 655MB, much closer to a full disk. And I even added a 40X burn (the one with the odd lable). Yes, they are in order of 48X, 40X, 32X and 24X.

Nice rexdaisy!

As you can see it doesnt show any significant differences between 48x and 24x. In fact less error on 48x (but might be due to media variability). How do they play?

Whaaaat? You want me to actually play these?? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Got those done just in time to go to bed, will let ya know.