TY CD-R, 200 for $40

Meritline has 200 TY CD-R for $40 plus shipping and No Rebate.


Never bought from this site. Can it be trusted?

I know some have had problems but I have ordered 5 times in the past 6 months and have had no problems.

Damn $14.31 shipping, if they would use someone else besides UPS BLA!

They used to be trouble but lately they have really turned their act around and have turned in some great customer service. I have been very pleased with my last 5 orders and they have been same day on email.

Digidave, maybe it is the years of grammar but I can’t help but point it out:

“Life is too short…”

I’ve always wondered about that. I hate those two, too, to’s.(LOL) Will be correcting soon. Yeah, the shipping thing got me also(I would of said too or to but I didn’t know which one).

too is also


Thanx Joe!! :bow: