TY CD burning problem with BenQ 1650

Hello, I have some problems burning Verbatim Pastel discs 52x in my BenQ DW1650. Doesn’t matter which speed I use, problem is the same (It destroyed four CD’s some on 15%, 22%, one even at 99%). I don’t have this problem with other CD media I tried (Moser Bear, Ritek), only with TY. I don’t have idea what is problem, I used about 30 discs from same spindle on Samsung 162c, they all burned OK.

Here is log:


This is rather confusing.

You talk about [B]CD-Rs[/B] but the log is for [B]DVDs[/B].

You could try to update the firmware to BCFC.

zivija, from the log it looks like you have a bad media, or perhaps fake TY. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed from here and under Disc Info can you tell us the MID? If it’s real YUDEN000T02, it should have a serial in the middle of the disc (hub) starting with TG00xxxx.

You might also want to update your Nero to

Sorry, i think that this is log of CD. I don’t have problems burning DVD’s. I will made another coaster :), so I’ll post a log.

There is Log.
Any idea?

No I don’t have much on an idea about this. Never use Nero for CD writing.

I think this is the third thread about the 1650 & TY CD-R media recently so maybe there’s just a problem with TYs.
You could try another app or different media to see where the problem lies. For a free app I’d recommend Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). If that fails then it’s nothing with Nero.

Sorry I missed your first post saying your TY is from Verbatim Pastel, so it should be real TY.

The log always mention “medium error” so according to your DW1650 it should be a bad disc. How about testing the TY CD in your LG drive?

I don’t have LG drive, before BenQ I had Samsung 162c, and burn about 30 discs from same spindle. I think that problem is BenQ either firmware or something else. Another CD’s (Ritek, Moser Bear) I burned without problems. I will wait for next firmware release, as I saw that BCHC have mixed results, and flash drive, then I’ll can tell is it firmware of not.