TY 97m24s01f Burned 900 discs, all have burn lines, none of them read

[qanda]This thread is about the Plextor PX-716A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I work for a CD/DVD copy house, I burned 900 Taiyo Yuden Silver/Blue 80 minute discs (97m24s01f) with a Rimage Autostar 2000 which utilizes Plextors PX716A. Shipped the order but it came back to me saying none of the discs would read. The discs all have burn lines and there were no errors reported during the burning process.
What happened?
There were only 5 files (3MB) of data being burned on the disc. Nero info tool examines the disc as a Data CD Mode 2 with 00:20:61 (3MB) capacity, closed and finalized.
Rerunning the order now, but I’m stumped. Did UPS use some sortof microwave scanner on these or what? I really need to figure this out before it happens again.

Had you checked any of them before you dispatched them out?

Burned is burned… so I don’t think a mw scanner would impact your discs. And a bad burn is a bad burn, so it’s possible that you had some bad burned discs. BUT IF ALL the CDs are showing the same data, maybe the master is bad.
I would first check the master, then I would burn a couple of CDs and test them, IF they are ok, then I would run the whole batch again and test several discs at random.