TY 8X or 16X discs for my 3500A



There really is almost no price difference between the 8x and the 16x TY printable discs and I am going to need some soon.

Is there any quality difference or compatability difference with the 3500a?

I don’t care if I have to slow the 16X down to get a quality burn.

In my case I am looking for the best burn regardless of speed.

The 8X at 8x have served me well, but will the 16X at 12X be as good or better or will they be better at 8X then the 8X?
I have no burner capable of scanning at the moment other then Nero speed.



Yo markrb-

You should be good to go with either one as both are really good quality media-

The 16x has the latest technology and may have a slight advantage - especially if burned at 12x IMO-



The 8x (G02) will burn much better at 6x and below than the 16x (G03). At 8x and above I see no appreciable difference on my 3500 or 3520.