TY 4X -R, 100 for $26, plus shipping, at Supermedia

These are the “value” discs and they burn just fine. Plus they have some free shipping deals that are not too bad.

Because of shipping the Meritline deal may be better:


Being in NY, the shipping from either Supermediastore or Meritline is over $10. Ordering 200 disks from Rima costs me about $2 less than 100 from either of them. (I need some TY CD-R too, so…) This isn’t a BAD deal, but for 8X disks at $41 per 100 that I KNOW are A+ graded media, I’m just gonna go ahead and stick with Rima. I wish I know some other freaks within reasonable driving distance so we could put orders in together and get the quantity discounts as well as saving on shipping, but alas…

Roadtrip anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:



the coupon code : xpbargains10 … still works for 10% off, with the free shipping I couldn’t pass on 28.80$

received 2 pks packaged just fine in 3 business days.

why does newegg ship for $4 and supermediastore needs to charge 8-9 bucks?

The answer should be clear, “GREED”

Yup, it’s all a marketing tactic. They sucker people in with the “sale” pricetag and then hit them hard for shipping. It kinda pisses me off as it really isn’t a sale at all when you compare it to what they were charging previously with lower shipping costs. As mentioned above shop4tech with the xpbargains10 code is still the best deal for value TY ATM.

yeah totally, ive tried it out just to see how much shipping is, and sometimes it changes for no reason whatsoever. one time i got $8 and change, and another I got 9 to almost 10. Crazy and not worth it

The difference is that NewEgg uses FedEx Super Saver Shipping for their products; it’s very considerate to us users. What it means (from what I garnered from the details from the FedEx website) is that they prepay a certain amount based on the type of thing they ship. Even if they were to ship standard FedEx (without Super Saver), they would save at least 30% over UPS (which is what the others use–UPS Ground). UPS has at least been overpriced for a few years now and yet supposedly merchants continue using them. Now, I’m unaware if perhaps UPS gives the merchants a nice discounted shipping, then they charge us consumers more than they pay… Either way, the way to go about it is demand each retailer that uses only UPS Ground to start offering FedEx, so both they and we can save the 30%. I once complained to Meritline.com with the same thing (blasted $9.39 shipping for one 100 spindle that would have cost $4 at NewEgg) AND I gave them the lowest rating possible at Bizrate.com b/c of lack of shipping options/prices. They sent me a $4 credit, although I would have preferred them switching to FedEx (which also delivers on SATURDAY, whereas UPS shuts down on Friday afternoons). So, another way to pressure them (it’s your right as a paying customer) is to ask to rate them (check the box on your order, so you’ll receive one to fill out by email) and give them the lowest rating possible under all the corresponds to shipping. Then, if there’s a ‘reason’ box for why you did so, put something like “should use FedEx, as it would save us at least 30% on shipping cost, instead of forcing us to pay for overpriced UPS Ground shipping.”

In the end, it’s just lazy and stupid to not switch to a just-as-reliable service from FedEx that also ships packages on Saturdays AND is lower cost for all involved. The only explanation is that UPS gives the merchant a better deal on shipping than we get–but then we as consumers get charged more regardless. :frowning: So, unless we all demand better, we won’t get “better” from these guys. If a bunch of CDFreaks members do this, these do-dos will get the message and start using FedEx. :stuck_out_tongue: