TY 4x DVD-R (TYG03)?

Hey guys I’m about to buy a spindle of TY 4X DVD-R’s, but the thing is the site where I’m buying it from is now saying the media code is TYG03 as opposed to TYG01 from when I bought it in the summer.


The spindle you receive may be Ty G03 media coded depending on the batch lot. There are alot of 4x burners that are not compatible with this disk.

Media Code Mfr: TYG03

I’m afraid to purchase it now because I don’t recall 4x Value TY’s as being TYG03 before. I also don’t want to buy 100 pc’s and finding out these new TYG03 don’t work well in my NEC-3520a drive.

Can anyone comment if you’ve bought these before, and are they just as good as the TYG01?

I smell marketing hype. It’s tyg01, 4x to 8x on most burner and 12x maximum burn speed on decent modern burner.

I just went through 100 in a tape wrap that I bought from Supermediastore. I got excellent burns with these. It was advertised as value line 4X, but I was able to burn in 6X - 12X with excellent quality scans in CD-DVD Speed. Here’s a scan burned with Pioneer 109 f/w 1.58 MCSE at 6X.

Obviously you aren’t familiar with these discs. Online retailers have been shipping anything from TYG01 (4x) to TYG02 (8x) to TYG03 (16x) with these ‘value’ discs. The TYG03 are their 16x rated media, and they are perfectly good discs, although some think that their TYG01 and TYG02 might have been slightly better discs. No matter what you get, you will get good results with them on your 3520.


First off - your NEC-3520 is a 16x capable burner-

The TYG01 = 4x -R media

The TYG03 = 16x -R media

Either one should work just fine in your 3520-

The experience has been - thet if the vendor runs out of the TYG01 - they have been shipping TYG02 (8x -R media) and the TYG03-

Suggest that you go ahead and order it - it is all very good media IMO-

Happy Burnin’


I think it’s a good idea for retailers to identify the TYG03’s, even though it is a pain to go through all the lots to find them. Some folks out there don’t have burners that will support the TYG03 write strat/MID code.

As far as retailers substituting TYG03 for TYG01 or 02’s, it is out of their control, Taiyo Yuden sells these in Bulk and will not guarantee which codes are received. I believe these are over runs or very minor defective disk (nothing we consumers would ever identify) so they just tape wrap them and sell in large quantities as “VALUE”.

My 3520A burns TYG03 right up to 16x excellent and is probably the best burner I have for this media at the moment. See scan here.

I think to many places don’t want to be stuck with old stock.
So they give away a small % of better disc so they can sucker some people in to buy more!!! :Z]
But thats just my 2 cents so take it for what its worth!! :slight_smile:

It’s not marketing hype, it’s a simple warning to the customer that you may get TYG03, 16x media that is not supported in all burners. Many people would actually prefer to get TYG01 or TYG02, and I’ve seen several people mention that TYG02 actually burns better at 12x than TYG03, so what the ‘better’ disc is for anyone is going to vary.

In the end, all three media codes are good discs, but some will have a preference for one or another based on their equipment.

Yup, the trademark of value TY. It’s labeled as 4x as that is the slowest speed you will get but it could be 8x or 16x these days. It’s all good media as long as you have a late model burner with up to date firmware.

Thanks for the response and the scans guys.

I am just worried I’ll get the 16x TY’s… because I’ve never burned on 16x before, and like to keep my buring at 4x (my safe zone) but I am willing to burn at 8x only if the media is rated at 8x such as the TYG02’s.

So I’ll go ahead and see what type of batch I’ll get.

If you have a decent spec computer and a late model burner, then there is no reason to fear 16x burning. I’ve never burned higher than 12x myself, but that is simply because I have always gotten better deals on 8x media (that burns at 12x on my burner) than 16x media. Also, the difference between 12x and 16x is only 1-2 minutes so I’m not too concerned about the extra little bit of speed.