TY 16X DVD-R $49.15 - 100 pk (w/shipping) @ Rima-A Good Price?



Rima,com 16X DVD-R
I have a Plextor 712A (firmware 1.07) and a NEC 3520AW (firmware 2U2).

In your opinion, would it be worth trying this media with the NEC writer?
I realize the speed savings would not really amount to much since I only burn maybe a couple times a day. But I thought this was a decent price. Thanks.


from seeing other posts the TYG03 is great with the nec3520.
not a bad price if it includes shipping.


I think he meant that the $49 USD included shipping to his location. Rima’s price is $43 USD for TYG03, $37 for TYG02 and $40 for T02’s. Hardly pays to leave the house anymore.


Just ordered the Benq 1640, so I will try the TGY03 at that price, they seem to do well with the Benq.


Yup, it says w/shipping in the title. Just my personal opinion but I wouldn’t waste time or the extra money on 16x media. When 8x TY costs less and burns just fine at 12x or higher on those two burners.


Oh darn, I was hoping I could overspeed these to 24X! :sad:

(Just kidding- I have been thinking and reading and I will stick with the 8x for now)