TY 100 Pack for $25.11

Thanks to riggits for pointing out they were back in stock
Coupon CS10 still works for 10% off…Can get a referal for another 10% off on top of the coupon which with both will total $25.11…u must get a referal to get an extra 10% off…coupon will work without referal but your total will be 27.90 per 100…need a referal, pm me!!

Is this at shop4tech?

Yes sorry…

Here is a link to the dvd’s that studmonkey is talking about http://www.shop4tech.com/item3007.html


link to last thread about these great disc http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=143988

Thanks rfjr23…thanks for the link to show what i was talking about…knew i forgot something…

Sounds good. Thanks

I just ordered 200 for $51.19. Glad they are in stock again

Sorry boys and girls they are sold out again…

damn i waited to long.

I will keep u all up to date on when they should recieve more…thanks all

That was fast! :doh: I just check my mail and havent got a letter of them not shipping them to me. So maybe I will be lucky. Stock is getting low. :iagree:

Could someone send me the 10% off referral? I pm’d studmonkey, but I don’t think he got my message. I’ve decided to just get the 8x stuff instead.

i got the message, didnt know u wanted a referal for the 8x…will send it to ya…

i got a referal, but it didn’t give extra 10% off at checkout, ordered anyway. called to get it fixed and they said they can’t combine it with other offers??? did anyone get it to work with both?

Man I am having a bad day I got an email from shop4tech and they are out and have my dvd’s on back order, but anyways I posted the email in the wrong thread. It says they will have some in November but if you want to see email for your self click here—> http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1143563&postcount=15

The referal discount is not in checkout…It automatically is taken off right when you click the link…

ok but the discount wasn’t applied and they said i can’t combine the offers?if someone else was able to get the discount, i will know that im not wasting my time disputing it with them

I paid $25.11 out the door. The order shipped the same day.

letmegitdat, were u already a customer with shop4tech? If you already were and didnt use an email address that wasnt already registered, then you wont get the discount. It has to be an email address that you didnt use before with them even though you can still use the same shipping and billing address

my first time buying with them, ever. got the referral email but price didn’t change, cleared cookies, no go. but the part that bothered me was was the rep telling me i can’t combine the offers… now, apparrently only me…guess i’ll call again monday…