TX Uranus 52x/24x/52x Problems

Hi all, i just got a TX Uranus 52x/24x/52x (rebadged Lite-On) drive today. All seems fine but i want to know where i can find firmware for this drive.

It says the current firmware is: 6SG1

I’ve tried searching for more info but i can’t find anyware with firmware for this drive. Can anyone help please? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Also does anyone have any info on this drive with regards to copying SecuROM, Safedisk etc etc please. Thanks. :slight_smile:

As it’s a LiteOn you can copy pretty much anything. all the firmware and flashing tools are readily available on the LiteOn and firmware forums. You would want firmware version 6S02.

Thankyou for the reply, appreciate the info.

So this means i’m pretty safe as regards to backing up Safedisk (all versions?), SecuROM etc etc?

Also, another problem seems to have arisen just now. I was backing up a CD when i went to select record speed it did show 52x earlier in the list, now it’s not there and shows my maximum burning speed is 40x.

Any ideas as to why this is? I have 48x media sat here which i wish to use but it says 40x is my top speed!

Thanks for any info. :slight_smile:

SmartBurn sets the speed for media, based on an internal (firmware) database of media ATIP information. Another reason for updating firmware is to have the latest database of media speeds. You can turn smartburn off in Nero, and get all supported burn speeds, but that does not make it a good idea. Relatively few of the 48x-rated media is really able to burn well at 48x, look at the media tests below. 40x is a much better speed for most of the media available right now.
Anyway, when you update firmware, it’s not unusual to see those available max speeds change for a given media.

Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

I just tried to run some tests with Nero cd and drive speed but it won’t let me run any tests. Odd. :confused:

What i’ll do as well is run some tests on copy-protected disks i have and whatnot and see how it handles them. Just incase there have been any adjustments made to this drive over a normal Lite-On rather than a simple re-branding.

I’ll update my drive with that firmware later today and see how i get on.

The drive has been good so far when burning though. I’ve done full 80min disks at 24x and 32x with no problems. Haven’t tried 40x or 48x yet and i have no 52x media so… lol. :slight_smile:

Don’t run DriveSpeed, turn it off and be sure it’s not set to load at start-up. It’ll only cause problems. with SMART enabled drives, it has no function.
CDSpeed is all you need for testing. The most commoon mistake with CDSpeed is failing to select the correct drive in the drop-down list at the top.

Yep i tried that. If i hit the start button, nothing happens, it just sits there doing nothing until i press exit. :frowning:

p.s: Duly noted re: drive speed, i’ll give that a miss.