TX Senator fights Net Neutrality as full text is released

TX Senator fights Net Neutrality as full text is released.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/12/TqkmgB.jpg[/newsimage]Two days after the Federal Communications Commission voted to pass a controversial set of net neutrality laws, the full text was finally released late last week when many had already begun their Christmas breaks.

At the same time, however, Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who is a ranking member on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, was filing an amendment, co-signed by Nevada senator John Ensign, to block funding of the laws.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/tx-senator-fights-net-neutrality-as-full-text-is-released-38185/](http://www.myce.com/news/tx-senator-fights-net-neutrality-as-full-text-is-released-38185/)

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If left unchallenged, this power grab will allow the Commission to regulate any interstate wired or wireless communication on barely more than a whim
The internet as the playfield of the new dictators.

It’s not going to work, no matter how much rules or penalties they set up for it.

These wannabe dictators running the Executive Branch see the Internet as their enemy because it is a beacon of truth that shines the light of day onto their ultimate plans to control the masses. They know that they no longer have Congress as a rubber stamp to their agenda so now they are acting unilaterally. They are doing the same thing in the EPA with the global warming crap. The sooner these scumbags are thrown out of office the better it will be for the USA. Obama is their ring leader and needs to go in 2012.

As a follow up, here is the public’s opinion on the FCC controlling the Internet:


I can’t improve on what UTR but I’m glad at least one senator from my state opposes this. I hope both do as well as any representatives. I need to check .
I do have one thing to add about the FCC. Try to get them to do something for you as an individual . I have on a couple of things about local TV stations over the years Absolutely nothing was done. So the FCC only looks after the interest of big business.
One thing I tried to get them to look into involves the analog to digital converter boxes.
The time on these is set by signal from the local TV stations instead of being user set.
None of mine have a user set option . The TV stations don’t keep this time anywhere near accurate .By FCC regulation they are supposed to.
This throws off the Program guide & on the one I have that can be set to timer record so I can sync my DVD recorder to it . If the channel time is randomly off by 5 to 30 minutes that is hard to do. I have called local channels & they would have it working for maybe a couple of weeks on part of the local channels. Then back to the same old.
After a couple of rounds of calling several local channels I reported this to the FCC. There has been no improvement. So basically a waste of my time.
It’s too much a pain in the ass to call all the channels every two weeks .

Oh, wow. This is brilliant.

For those who don’t know - the government is not trying to “control the internet.” What they are doing is ensuring that ISPs do not prioritize one form of traffic over another (ie, is “neutral” when it comes to the data that passes over the network).

For example, without Net Neutrality, Time Warner Cable could potentially slow the traffic from Netflix when you are a streaming a movie. Well, since Time Warner is also in the business of selling you movies (ie, Cable TV), you see where the conflict of interest lies.

So, no, its not about the “dictators” trying to control what “beacons of truth” like UTR have to communicate. Christ, you are one dim-witted fellow, aren’t you?

Basically, don’t let these idiots fool you with buzzwords like “Big Government.” Then again, it is frightening that the government is trying to curtail the freedom of the little guys…like Comcast Cable.

Of course, don’t take my word for it - just read about “Net Neutrality” and you’ll understand that it is PRO-consumer. Those against it are PRO Big Business.

And, by the way, regarding your silly poll, dummy: Ever hear of a “Push Poll”? Of course you are going to get results in your favor if you ask a question like “Do you want the FCC the control the internet?” It’s a loaded question.

So that’s not what the public “thinks.” Guaranteed that if you were to ask, say, “Do you want Big Business to control what you access on the internet?”, the results would be the exact opposite.

So…sorry to temporarily extinguish your truth beacon, you paranoid freak, but I just wanted to make sure an opposing voice is heard.

I’m outta here like last year.


[QUOTE=apatrizio;2566390]So, no, its not about the “dictators” trying to control what “beacons of truth” like UTR have to communicate. Christ, you are one dim-witted fellow, aren’t you?[/QUOTE]

I am not surprised with you personally attacking the messenger if they don’t agree with your opinion. Spare me the insults as they are worthless in debating me on the topic at hand.

There is absolutely no need for the FCC to interfere in the functioning of the Internet. Give me proof of ONE instance where an ISP has controlled content to the end user. I’ll be waiting for a long time for an answer. If an ISP interferes with your ability to get content then switch to a different ISP. Why do you libs look to the government to solve every problem for you by letting them crawl even deeper into another bodily orifice? Obama is using a non-existent excuse to make another government power grab.

Also, where have you been the past two years? The Obama administration has been on a power grab of epic proportions. It makes Bush’s efforts pale in comparison and I didn’t care for his actions either. Once the government starts regulating certain aspects of the Internet do you really think it will stop there? In fact, where has anything the government regulated stopped with the initial regulations? I have the answer for you, it never stops. It will be this way with the Internet too.

I guess you missed the last election results. The public is fed up with government intervention in their lives. It is why liberals got spanked and will likely get spanked again in 2012. This power grab on the Internet is just another in a long line of power grabs by government. Mandating the purchase of health insurance, dictating what food to eat, taxing anything they can get away with, trying to regulate carbon emissions through skyrocketing energy costs, etc., etc. has got the public to the breaking point with this soft tyranny from the federal government. This action by the FCC is just another straw that is breaking the camel’s back.


Best of what?

The problem is not Net Neutrality it is FCC control of it. They are trying to bypass Congress & will have if Congress just lets this go unchecked. This takes it completly out of citizens control by an agency that’s not elected & doesn’t have to answer to the citizens.
At least Congress is supposed to represent the citizens &( I & most know it doesn’t always do a good job of that ) but at least we can vote out the ones that make bad decisions.
Back to the FCC the article said the regulations are 194 pages. So although I haven’t read it I bet is says a lot more than you can’t slow traffic Comcast.