Two writers but only one works

I have just bought a Pioneer 112 and crossed flashed it to a 112L with the DB buffalow RCP1 v8.06 firmware. It’s working very well and it replaced a dvd rom drive so that I could have 2 burners in my PC. The second burner is my ageing but trusty Pioneer 110D which has been working very well to date. I have the 112 installed on the primary IDE channel of my Asus A8N Sli premium motherboard and nothing else and the 110D on the secondary IDE channel again, all by itself. My hard disks are all SATA so my only devices on the ide channels are the two writers. Both drives are set to master.

I can write to the 112 no problem with DVD Decrypter
I cannot write to the 110D with DVD Decrypter or rrad from it without DVD Decrypter giving an error message
I can write to the 112 with Nero 7
I can write to the 110D with Nero 7
But I cannot write to both using multiple burners option in Nero. It just hangs.

Am I missing something obvious here as I’m sure this must be possible.



Check that both are working in Ultra DMA mode 4. Presumably both are actually on the end connector of 80wire IDE cables.

Both are showing UDMA4 and both are on 80 wire cables and on the end connectors.

I have just swapped them round i.e. 112 to the secondary ide channel and 110D to the primary and the same thing happens.

I disconnected the 112 from the primary channel and put the 110D back on the secondary and rebooted and I can now access the 110D using DVD Decrypter with the 112 disconnected. I have checked both drives again and both have jumpers set to master on their own ide channels. This is strange.

Very strange.

Try deleting the IDE controller drivers & rebooting and/or going into the BIOS to check things there like re-detecting the drives. Apart from that I’ve no idea.

Try putting both on one IDE cable with one as master and the other slave.

Whilst testing I swapped the ide cables round and that did nothing. As a last resort I swapped the power cables over and now it works. Go figure as both connectors are on the same power cable. Still they both seem to be working now somehow. Thanks for your time guys. Much appreciated.

That’s weird but at least it’s OK now.