Two Windows installed (different drives) , can I disable one?




I have two hard drives on my PC one 40 gb and another 200 gb, I used the 40gb one for windows and program installations while the other for other types of data storage like music and video. Now recently I had some trouble with the 40 gb one, it started showing low disk space for no reason, even though I had only 10 gb on it, It would show 5gb free then 5 min later 753mb free and so on. So I decides to format the drive, I ran into a little trouble, so I installed windows on the other drive the formatted to 40 gb one from windows. Then installed windows on the 40gb one and now I have windows on both.

The 40gb one is set as my primary, when my pc starts It lets me choose which Windows Xp I want to start with. Now I have had this happen before as I had previously done the same thing ( had two windows installed on each drive ) but now it’s giving my some trouble when I install software.

So my question is there some way I can disable the Windows installed on the 200 gb drive without deleting it, so I won’t be forced to choose a Windows when my pc starts and files won’t transfer to Documents and Settings folders on both drives when I install some software.




you can edit the boot.ini file to disable the choice between your both Windows installation.

Please note, you have to undo the changes in case you want to boot the previously disabled Windows installation.





yes, you can disable the lower one.


Actually either one may be disabled by either editing boot.ini, or simply go to Device Manager, Startup and Recover and select the 1 you want booted as default. The second option will make the secondary Windows install accessible if you ever change you’re mind. If you do the edit boot.ini option and are sure you never want to use that Windows install which was removed, then you can delete all Windows files and folders on that drive to create more free space.