Two Weeks Notice Sub Problem

I made a backup of my Two Weeks Notice Disk using Instant Copy 7.2 It looks fine but seems to default with the English Subs Turned on. You Have to go into the menus to turn them off. This is a Warner Disk and I’ve had issues before with them. Plus this disk has somewhat of a seamless branching feature linking the menu to the gag reel. I’m looking to try to find a method to fix this. Should I load the Movie only Ifo into Ifoedit, strip the subs, reassemble the entire disk and then feed it to Instant Copy ? Or is there a better method? I’ve had this issue before and always ended up just ripping the movie only in DVD2One, but I want to try to get around this with IC if possible.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I did this movie last night with IC7. I had no problems with the subs but on one point where it hit the seamless branch, it paused for about 2 seconds and then continued on. If I backed up over it and played it again, it worked fine.

I had the same problem with Two Weeks Notice and IC7, the subtitles were on by default. Funny thing, the next movie I tried with IC7, Little Big League, has subtitles on by default now too ! Wonder if somehow something got set in the IC7 program.

Had the same thing with DVD2one and TWO Weeks Notice. Shut off the English subtitles with my remote without any further problems. Transcoded it with Dvd2one 1.13 in Full Disk mode.

I think the other thing giving players fits on this disk is that they used seamless branching to show a gag reel at certain poins on the film, this makes the film freeze at spots from what I’ve been told.

Last night i copy two weeks notice the first issue was that there was no meni, the second and probable it skips to the first chapter i didnt seeit thats why i dont know how much it skipped, first i made an image with dvd tool box then i use the other tool to copy, and yes they there were the subtitles in english, whats next?? how can i turn them off.:wink:

ey ey ey thats not where the problem stops… first i tried the recorded DVD in my house player (pioneer) thats where i see the subs in english, then i borrowed to a friend and she told me that in her pc that subs were in french??? :s